Police and Youth Together

2021 Socially Distant Programming

2021 Police and Youth Together!

Our 2021 Socially Distant Police and Youth Together (PAYT) program is an intensive week long camp with a year of follow-up activities, for students ages 10-12. PAYT is offered in collaboration with local area Law Enforcement Agencies, and made possible by The Montgomery County ADAMHS Board. PAYT builds bridges between police and youth and their family, teaching respect and appreciation of differences. PAYT helps to create inclusive, peaceful communities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, PAYT will consist of fewer students and communities than previous years.

Our 2021 summer PAYT program will be held during the week of:

July 26-July 30, 2021

(Please note: We plan to host each of these programs with COVID-19 precautions and lower numbers of students. Due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, plans may have to change as we approach the camps.)


2021 PAYT Application

Our 2021 PAYT program was a great success! At this time we are not accepting applications for the 2022 cycles of our Spring Break and Summer PAYT Camp.

Check back this fall for more information on dates and for registration.

Program made possible by the Montgomery County ADAMHS Board