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Bias, bigotry and discrimination cloud our world. At NCCJ, we want to let every person’s light shine brightly!

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Make a Difference for our Young People.
Sponsor a Young Person for Anytown
Police and Youth Together! 

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– A week at Anytown Youth Leadership Institute, an intensive residential camp with monthly follow-up activities, to develop tomorrow’s leaders, costs more than $1,000.00  2015 Invite photo crop

Sponsor a young leader’s tuition plus a year of follow-up activities- $1000

Sponsor a portion of a young leader’s Anytown education:
One day-       $200
Two days –   $400
Three days- $600
Four days –  $800

Police and Youth Together, a week long day camp designed to improve police and community relationships,  cost $450, even with volunteers and generous donations.

Sponsor a young person’s week at Police and Youth Together Camp plus a year of follow-up activities- $450
One day- $85 Two days – $170 Three days- $255 Four days – $340


In-school programs are powerful and teachers report significant improvement in their classrooms. Unfortunately, they are an added cost that many schools can’t afford these days.

Sponsor NCCJ’s in-school programs to build acceptance and reduce bullying.centerpiece two girls square

One Student                   $85  

Two Students                $170

Co-sponsor a Class     $1065 

Sponsor a Class           $2130





Or make a general contribution:

One-time donations:

Support diversity with a  donation of $50

Raise your voice for inclusion with a donation of $120

Your contribution of $365 is a dollar a day towards a more peaceful community $365

A donation of $500 helps NCCJ create a  community where every individual can shine. $500

Or comfortable monthly contributions that really add up for diversity and inclusion:

A monthly contribution of $10 is an easy day to contribute $120 to building a better world. $10 a month

Take a stand on issues that matter with a $50 a month contribution.
$50 a month

Your monthly donation of $100 helps us achieve our vision:
Challenging Stereotypes. Celebrating Differences. Creating Justice.
$100 per month

You may also mail a check to:
NCCJ of Greater Dayton, 131 N. Ludlow Street, Suite #127,   Dayton, Ohio 45402

Questions or interested in other donation arrangements? Call us at
937.222.6225 or email Mark Willis at

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Ps –  Your donation goes completely to furthering the cause of inclusion and stays here in the Greater Dayton area. Please know that your donation is deeply appreciated and crucial to building a community free of bias, bigotry and all forms of discrimination. THANK YOU!