Ethnic & Cultural Diversity Caucus

Immigration Forum 2012The Caucus seeks to facilitate the efforts of our community to dismantle the institutional structures and practices that perpetuate racial discrimination. Racism is still our nation’s most critical and challenging issue. It is based on the feeling of superiority that comes from an erroneous belief that one is entitled to privileges not deserved by others. It manifests itself most often in institutional practices and policies that have a disproportionately negative impact on persons of color.

Therefore the objectives of this initiative continue to be as follows:

  • Advocate and support the restructuring of those institutional policies, practices and procedures that have a racially disparate impact.
  • Increase understanding of the issues involved.
  • Provide organizational stability for the Summit and caucus structures.

Several caucuses were formed following the Forum on Eliminating Racism in 2003. The current active caucuses include the Ethnic and Cultural Diversity, Health, Housing and Environment. They are all supported by NCCJ to provide caucus structures and programs to further understanding of specific issues impacting the community such as health, housing and environment, refugee status.

The Objectives of Each Caucus are:

Ethnic and Cultural Caucus – The purpose of this caucus is to further understanding, through increasing awareness of issues and social justice, supporting others who advocate for the right of those marginalized, and actively pursuing changes in policy and practices with the aim of securing rights for all.

Health Caucus – Create culturally sensitive programming through education, training and marketing to eliminate disparate outcomes in health care.

Housing and Environment – Assist in directing individuals adversely impacted by housing environmental policies and practices to necessary community resources.

We invite you to participate in:

  • General public meetings
  • Special community “report back” sessions, each time featuring issues researched by a different caucus
  • Organizational meetings for all caucus and community organization members

The Caucus is supported by and partners with over thirty-five community organizations in addressing issues of racial unity with the goal of reducing the incidence and prevalence of institutional racism in the Miami Valley.