Planned Giving

The Legacy Society

Now, in partnership with The Dayton Foundation, NCCJ offers you the opportunity to ensure that your commitment to social justice endures forever.

The Legacy Society brings together men and women from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Men and women who believe in our mission and who, with us, envision a future in which respect for, and celebration of, differences is a way of life — a future in which our children and grandchildren will find peaceful solutions to conflict and live together in joy and understanding.

You are cordially invited to join NCCJ’s Legacy Society because of your past interest in and support of NCCJ and our mission of social justice. The Legacy Society is a special group of people who believe that we can build a future in which all will be treated equally and fairly. Membership in the Legacy Society helps ensure that NCCJ will have the resources needed to continue to build an inclusive, diverse community in the Greater Dayton area.

A planned charitable gift may be made in a variety of ways. Working with The Dayton Foundation, NCCJ of Greater Dayton is prepared to provide you and your advisors with the information you need to select the gift that is right for you and your family.

To learn more about planned giving and how you can become a member of NCCJ’s Legacy Society, contact Mary Tyler, Executive Director by calling (937) 222-6225.