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Your financial support helps NCCJ:

  • Send 50 area high school students each summer to Anytown Youth Leadership Institute where they spend a week building cultural competency, learning to live in a diverse community and developing leadership skills to build inclusive schools and communities. Anytown costs $450 per student, all of which is subsidized by generous friends in the Dayton region.
  • Bring 250-300 high school students together twice yearly for NCCJ’s highly regarded Teen Summits, during which participants learn to confront their own stereotypes, overcome biases, and respect differences. Teen Summits normally cost $50 – $75 per participating student.  NCCJ runs this program without charge and with the help of our generous supporters.
  • Help 40 middle-school students from urban, suburban and rural communities throughout our region participate each summer in Police and Youth Together (PAYT) where participating students and law enforcement officers learn about each other, building respect and understanding to create stronger, safer communities.  PAYT costs $375 per student and could not continue without support from community friends.
  • Lead programs in schools throughout the region to reduce bullying, strengthen non-violent methods of conflict resolution, and help students celebrate differences as they learn to navigate a complex world.
  • Continue to provide the monthly meetings and periodic conferences of the Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Caucus.  This group works with area colleges, universities and community agencies to honestly and openly tackle issues confronting our increasingly diverse and globalized Greater Dayton region.

These are just some of the ways every gift helps build a more respectful, inclusive and peaceful Dayton region. Donate now!