NCCJ’s 2016 Summer Youth Programs
Now Accepting Applications! 


If you are looking for a unique and rewarding summer camp, NCCJ offers two exceptional opportunities. Young people can develop new skills while making friends and having fun.

Anytown Youth Leadership Institute

Mathile Circle

Anytown is a one week summer residential program designed to teach high school students how to recognize and overcome discrimination, bias and stereotypes. The week is challenging but rewarding, as these young people learn skills and make friends that will last a lifetime.

Anytown runs from Sunday, June 19th to Friday, June 24. Click here for more details and registration information.



 Police And Youth Togetherhigh 5

This one-week day camp connects young people age 10 to 12 with local police officers in a fun and educational environment.  The campers learn about safety and police work while enjoying games and activities. It’s held at the Huber Heights FOP Lodge, complete with fishing pond and plenty of space for outdoors fun. And it’s completely FREE!  It runs from Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29.  Get details and registration info here.



Diversity Education

workshop1We offer  Diversity Education for businesses,organizations and individuals.  We can come to your location and provide the tailored education you need. Find out how NCCJ can help you confidently navigate today’s changing world.




Watch our new short video and see how NCCJ is making a difference!


nccj impact video linkSupport NCCJ  and raise your voice to celebrate diversity! Click here to see donation options. 

Thank you for supporting inclusion and acceptance!



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Learn more about NCCJ’s services and history:

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 Mark your calendar!

NCCJ’s 39th Friendship Dinner is Monday, Oct. 24th at theNCCJ Friendship Dinner-114 edit Ponitz Center,
Sinclair Community College.

Watch for more details!

38th Annual Friendship Dinner A Big Success!

Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, attendees and award recipients for making this a special evening!




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“NCCJ’s structured discussions and activities offered new perspectives on race and environment.”

“We thought we knew what the issues were…but NCCJ brought the real issues to light.”

“NCCJ was an unbiased third party. They came into our company and did not pass judgment on us.”

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